-06 Days to go





With 7 days to go before College ends, I almost cried on the way back Home.

Today as soon as I got some time alone, I wrote down all the names from my class and prayed for them. I might not see all of them ever again. However with God all things are possible.

-07 Days to go

I dont want to get out of college so soon.But I dont think there is anything I can do. I wonder if I will come to college when I get bored, like Eben does. But then apart from Sherin there is no one to come back to. Everyone I know has either Graduated or is Graduating with me. I think thats a good thing.

Misha,Supriya,Elvis and I purposely keep lingering around the Department even after lectures are over. The profs get irritated now saying, “they dont want to leave now. Usually Oscar runs as soon as the lectures get over. they’ve begun to realize that they have one week left”.

I dont know if they are identifying with this, or making fun of our situation. if it is, then its a pretty mean thing to do.

Vinitha asked me, ” So tell me Oscar whar do you think about your teachers?”
I told her that I’d tell individually! and poor sould perked up her ears and said ,”Ok. Thats fine.” and waited for me to start.

I had to explain that I would talk to them seperately. She is cool with that.

I like her the best.  

Its a good thing that not many people read my blog. I can write whatever I want without worrying so much.

My College years





I warned all my friends online in December that I was gonna turn nostalgic and emotional as College ended. Some people absolutely hate it. I on the other hand am fine with them thinking so. This is the way I deal with things. I cry when I need to. There is nothing ‘less masculine’ about it. Jesus cried when he was full of sorrow.

10th or the 11th of Feb is the offical date for our Graduating students Farewell.

Im going to write a post for everyday till the 10-11th of Feb. Cheerio~

TYBA here I come!

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via FoxyTunes    Exams are over…well atleast for S.Y. I cant believe I am going to third and final year of college. There have been so much attached to this place that I cant imagine what I am going to do without it. thats what you would expect me to say right?

Well you ARE right, I am saying that. Call me a fool or a hopeless romantic, i dun care. I am blogging from college btw. Stealing into WiFi from the tower behind college. As my friend Steve Sam puts it, ” They are too rich to care”

I found an awesome poem, nay two awesome poems. Blogging it right now.

Abort The Problem

Babies are murdered far and near,
And no one sheds a tear.
No one seems to fear;
Yet God’s judgment is near.

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