You can make a difference

I ride to work everyday, even when I dont have work I am usually on the bike. I can safely say that Indian roads are to be experienced and learned.

Breaking a traffic signal is of no value today. It only costs 100 Rs to get away. Lesser if you want to bribe the official.Trust me, the only time you will NOT consider breaking it , is if you seen cops right in front of you or you have seen too many cops on that particular day to keep you alert.
Im not saying that I dont ever break signals. But I dont do it anymore. And if you catch me doing it, slap me.

I’ve noticed this. If everyone else is breaking the signal you will too even if you aren’t a regular at it.It is very easy to go with the flow. “Why are you doing it? I dont know. Because everyone else is.” For some it doesnt even matter if there are cops, they run away.

Its very difficult to stop at the signal when everyone else is breaking it. Even more to do so before the white line which is drawn before the zebra crossing.

But when you DO stop, you’ll witness a miracle. Don’t bother about the fool honking behind you to get you to break the signal. Wait for the signal to turn green. Suddenly you will see motorists stop too. Why? Cuz one of them saw you do it. And then everyone starts to stop for the signal.

My point is this- If a normal action of following normal logical laws can influence others to do the same, HOW MUCH MORE when you start living for Jesus Christ. How much more when you show Jesus in your life. Dont break God’s laws. Be an example to others.

So are you ready to make a difference today? Start with a smile.

What are your standards?

The past one week God has been reminding me how different a world we are living in. I bet everyone of you has heard or have been preached to the following  line “be in the world but not OF the world. ” As I go out of my house and interact with the World I’m amazed to see how the World has compromised on God’s standards! And why wouldnt you be? If I am not convinced or convicted that Pepsi is not good for me why would I stop drinking it? I wouldn’t right? So in the same way if people are not convicted about certain issues they wont change. So it would be great if phony religious people would stop telling them what to do and start getting right in their own lives first.

Anyway back to the World and God. In the Bible we see that God repeatedly puts his standard higher than the World. God knows better than our modern scientists who figured that AIDS and STD’s come in when you  have sexual intercourse with multiple partners. So God keeps  his standard. Why? Not that we can please Him only, but so it will be good for us. How many times have we read in the Bible “so that it will go well with you”? 

Today it is ok if you want to go on a trial and error spree with the opposite sex. Hey you’re young and this is the time to enjoy life right? A close friend asked how I am going to get all the practice at kissing if I am only going to do that after marriage. I have all the time AFTER marriage to practice on one mouth. I kinda like the idea of that. 
It is ok if you want to have premarital sex as long as you do it with protection. Here take your pick – condoms, contraceptives and what not methods! 
It is ok if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend but you still look lustfully at the gorgeous girl or that hunk when you pass the road. Why, I’m only looking arent I? Not like I slept with him/her or anything like that. Remember David? It took only one look from his window to get him to commit adultery and then murder. I’m not saying everyone will kill but the Bible says that even if we look at a woman/man and sin in my thoughts then I have already commited adultery.
It’s ok to drink socially. I’m not getting drunk at all. Besides its the etiquette to drink a sip at parties and get togethers.
It’s ok to lie to get others or myself out of trouble. If something good comes out of my lie why not?
It’s ok if that rickshawguy or the store clerk gave me 10 bucks extra. Not my fault. He should have checked anyway.

Tell you what the Bible says ITS NOT OK! 

Today’s Times of India front page shows a picture of Obamma looking at the “booty” (as they call it) of a young woman as the French Prez Sarkozy peeks on. Of course the media had a field day with it. I dont know about Obamma but I do care about my life. I care that I live according to God’s standards, not the World’s. 

What are your standards? The Bible or the Agony Aunt Column?
I’m not perfect. But I keep The Bible as my Standard.

Change is hard. Harder still if you dont back it with God.

I bet each and every one of us wanted to change things. Most ordinary things, like the time you wake up or the time you spend watching t.v or reading the newspaper. I have. I’ve tried doing all of these. But it really hasn’t worked as of yet. I’ve decided that I would start working out. I didn’t work it out, to start working out. I thought it would just happen. Like the Big Bang Theory, it just happened right? Well I have news for you grandpa , it didn’t just happen. You need to work it out.

So I want to get up at 5.00 every morning regardless of college lecture timings. So what do I do? Go to sleep early right? I did that. Just didnt read the Bible and pray before I slept. Whats the result? I didnt wake up on time as I forgot to put the alarm. I woke up late for 2 lectures. Now that hurts when you’re falling short of the prescribed limit.

So I need to decide to read God’s word for an hour (min) daily. Change is hard. But I gotta work towards it. Guess what? I wont do it tomorrow. I’ll do it today. Now.