My God


My God is a Great Big and Loving God

            Who would never ever hurt me.


When the world comes crashing down

            All hope seems gone away,


When you’re loved ones gone astray

            Hope seems like one in a light years away.


I will still cry out, Sing Praises to my King!

            Lord of Lords

                                    Jesus to you I sing!


Every tear is an offering

            Every hurt I take it in

To you I will still be faithful

For, God almighty, you are to me.


And when man fails, trust in you

            And I cry out in pain

Will I sing, like the barren woman


Everyday its you I live for

Everyday its you I long for

Jesus. Jesus.


Hope trickles down a tear

            down to a chin.

Fear, in my heart no more

            Love in you I will keep.


Once I tried an failed.

            God to you I come in tears.


Hope. What a fool I am

            Only fools believe,

                        Yet here I stand.


Love. What a fool I was

            Only fools believe

                        Yet Here I am.


I am writing for the truth of life

            To come and rest this uncertain times

In my heart.

I tell myself she’s not the one.

Yet a part of me refuses to again


Hope trickles down a tear

            Into an endless drain.


Thank God I’ve improved since then!! 😛

Songs Of The Heart-1:Feb 25th

I believe in II Corinthians four:thirteen
I believe and that is why I speak
I believe that our God is on the move
I believe in Christ, the reseructed one
I believe in the miracles that heal-
the deaf, hear;
the mute, sing;
the lame, walk and
the dead come back to life

We believe with the Holy Spirit
and that is why we speak.

Speak forth and it shall be
“You are Unstoppable!” says He!
Speak forth and you shall see
what no eye hath seen!

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit”
Speak Speak Speak!
For the Word is true.
And by the Truth
you shall be set FREE!