Ashwini got engaged!

My awesome cool friend from Mumbai, now currently in the U.S.A got engaged to the love of her life Clive!

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it’s so easy

to fall in love with the world. So easy to want things that the world tells you is nice and wonderful!
“Here, taste this. It’s good.” Sounds familiar? Try again now.
“Go for it.It’s a good movie; that place has awesome food; you should totally ask her out, she is perfect for you or you both look so cute; it’s a date oscar, not adultery; white lie ; what’s a signal ; your parents don’t matter, this is your decision anyway!; i need a little bit of ME time; so what if it isn’t Christian music? ; ah I can handle it.”
All coming out of the world’s nudge to take a peek, have a bite. It won’t hurt! Don’t flirt with the world. Yes, you can say Praise Ye the Lord and be dying to hold her hand. There is no such thing as harmless flirting. God saw that Adam was alone and HE(if the bold stressed word that signifies God’s sovereignty isn’t enough for you) decided that it was TIME for a helper to show up. And that is when Eve came into the picture. How do you know if you are working in His Will or not? Well if you say the word “I” too many times in your dictionary then replace it with “C”. I must bend to become “C”. (read Galatians 2:15-21)

Adam was doing what the Lord expected him to do. But you may say,’I am seeking first the Kingdom! Why am I not getting answers?”

Well my friend you forget that it says in Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Are you seeking His right will in every thing you do? This new year, get right with God in the Beginning so that it will go down well with you.

I’m going to have to make some difficult changes and decisions.
But keeping in mind His Will, it’s a small price to pay.

“Something like this only”

I looked at your face today
I realized When you smile
I feel like cuddling you, inside.

I stared at you yesterday
and when you didnt seem to notice
I rejoiced.
Or else you would think I was staring at your face.
I started to wonder why

I feel this
sometimes, I think I do.
I’ve toyed with the idea of telling you
but common sense forbids me so.Hence…

You dont complain a lot.
However, I’ll have you know
they are all for silly reasons
and I know this because I keep listening to you all the time.

We’re good friends
you and I
this something of a feeling
will just pass away and
these words will be just another draft
in my published folder.

If not for anything,
I think. And I just think,
I might have a little thing,
For You.

(I’ve been wanting to write “something like this only” ever since I’ve read Ezekiels poems on Love.Please do not ask who the poem is adressed to. I wont answer that.)

Where to now?

Im stuck. I cant seem to go ahead. I need to give up some things in life. I keep finding ways to bring back things back into my life. Burden my back. I dont need these burdnes. I . God! I need help! And plus I’ve got to pray about alanis morissette. Havent been doing that lately. But its going better than other ones have.

My God, When I in awesome wonder…

My list of priorities have been so messed up for one week that I don’t even know where to begin.Hmm, ack! I’ll give it a try.
Im over Zombie Girl (again!)for the 4th time.And I’m really starting to hate reruns of my life.So i’ve decided to wait my crushes or feelings out for a month  in prayer before I publicly announce it. Thats because by the 2nd week I can hear God telling me “this isn’t the Girl”.Honest.
I’ve also realized some pretty startling revelation that the Holy Spirit kept on telling me for the last 2 years and I refused to believe it.
I know that I haven’t been on good terms with the Holy Spirit either. There were days when I prayed, days when I didn’t read the Bible. Days when I just went without both. And I’ve come to a place where I CANNOT survive without Praying. And I don’t mean a 15 minute prayer. I mean a full fledged time where its just me and the Holy Spirit. I really need to discipline myself.I’ve got to cut my costs. Eben taught me how. I’ll show you. First I have Costs. Now I have Costs. There you go I cut costs!!

Oh! I got a catalogue from Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. I like this Uni. They call themselves ‘AAU- For Artists by Artists.’ I was really shocked to see their catalogue and letter in my mail today(send it by UPS!) and my Mom still thinks some friend mailed it to me. I’m happy I finally found a programme in Advertising that appeals to me.I have to start thinking and decide my course of action after TYBA exams. I don’t want to sit at home doing nothing at all. An idle mind…..
Another option is to work for JAM. Depends. Or I could work for Church. Or I might join and Ad company. I know I’ll have to do something useful in my further career than just work for money. And that is why I really do NOT see myself in a call center either. But lets wait and watch.Observe really, I doubt my stance would change.

I’m also wondering about my calling. I mean I’ve always known in my heart that I have to preach. But is it full time or part time? I don’t know. Like a Man of God told me that I have got to ask myself a very important question- “Do I have a full time ministry calling?” and I’ve done that. Just waiting, for an answer. Vineeta(My English prof) is of the strict belief that I will never work in Advertisements but go into fulltime instead. Anand supports this view by calling me Pastor. And my subconscious even introduced myself as Pastor Oscar to a stranger some months back. But jokes aside this really is a BIG question. The decision I take will affect my wife,mum&dad and oh well my entire family! What to do? What to do?

Oh and I’ve started to sing my own lyrics to God again!!Ashwini has left for Texas to do her Ph.D. I miss her already!!!


Man I just love it the way you begin to grow and God surprises you. It’s been two years since I’ve come back to God and I can honestly say that the bumps have been painful but necessary. I have to be faithfull to God. God is everlasting and always loving. So he cannot stop loving me even when I sin. God never changes his stance towards man. Man is the one who changes his attitude.

I learned…

…that a smile always helps before you hand out a tract.

People dont like the name of Jesus.

People dont like to Read about God.

Try Love.

Also people LOOOOUVE Graphics or anything that is nicely designed.

People observe you a lot.

Never approach a woman if she is sitting with a man. In fact never look at her. Give two tracts to the guy!

Sometimes people don’t care.

Never assume. Always pray.

Know who you are. Pray – Plan. Have Faith and go ahead.

Try again.

Never Give up.

Stand on the middle of the road, look up , give thanks and come back home knowing that the Kingdom of God has progressed!!!