You can make a difference

I ride to work everyday, even when I dont have work I am usually on the bike. I can safely say that Indian roads are to be experienced and learned.

Breaking a traffic signal is of no value today. It only costs 100 Rs to get away. Lesser if you want to bribe the official.Trust me, the only time you will NOT consider breaking it , is if you seen cops right in front of you or you have seen too many cops on that particular day to keep you alert.
Im not saying that I dont ever break signals. But I dont do it anymore. And if you catch me doing it, slap me.

I’ve noticed this. If everyone else is breaking the signal you will too even if you aren’t a regular at it.It is very easy to go with the flow. “Why are you doing it? I dont know. Because everyone else is.” For some it doesnt even matter if there are cops, they run away.

Its very difficult to stop at the signal when everyone else is breaking it. Even more to do so before the white line which is drawn before the zebra crossing.

But when you DO stop, you’ll witness a miracle. Don’t bother about the fool honking behind you to get you to break the signal. Wait for the signal to turn green. Suddenly you will see motorists stop too. Why? Cuz one of them saw you do it. And then everyone starts to stop for the signal.

My point is this- If a normal action of following normal logical laws can influence others to do the same, HOW MUCH MORE when you start living for Jesus Christ. How much more when you show Jesus in your life. Dont break God’s laws. Be an example to others.

So are you ready to make a difference today? Start with a smile.

What I live for….

The best part of sharing the Gospel is not 

1. That you are fulfilling the Great Commission….. or that you are 2.  the body of Christ on Earth or even the fact that 3.  others get to hear about Jesus’s great love.

Of course all of these are very important and valid……
but the best part of giving the Gospel is that satisfying feeling in your Spirit, knowing that the last 3 hours you just spent talking the truth makes all the difference in the life of that person in eternity. 

So, who did you give the Gospel to today? You’d rather hear it from a blog than from God.

When lonely…

Feeling Lonely is a terrible feeling that can have varying results.  Being a loner and feeling Lonely are two diverse realities. If you are a loner, you cant be involved in being described as an ‘talker’ or a ‘hug whore’. However you can be feeling lonely, and not be a loner!

I could think of doing tons of things as to ‘kill’ my boredom. Take for instance where I am right now. I’m inside a Mall. But this is definitely not helping. Watching others walk around in pairs or groups avails much. Crossword-the bookstore didn’t help either. They didn’t have a good collection of books or Graphic Novels.

So why am I here? Not the place in my life but on this Lone Wodden Box? What are ‘ Lone Wooden Boxes’? Well they are seats/benches you see in Mall’s where people sit when they are lonely. This Mall has Wooden ones, hence the name.You probably think I got lonely and went to the Mall. NO. I’m here because I had time to kill. The reason of my loneliness is prayerlessness. So how do I get out of this situation? I definitely don’t want to pray since the lack of it got me here in the first place, I really dont want to do that right now.Or I could go ahead and start a conversation with one of these lovely women next to me. I could also flirt. I haven’t flirted in a long time. But the Ring on my finger forbids that irrelevant thought. And Hypocrisy is not my cup of tea. I could also run opposite on the escalators. But I’ll be tireder. So no can do. With less than 50Rs in my wallet I’m running out of ideas.

I checked out the washroom too, if you ever want to know how well a place is run, check the loo. My Observation at Oberoi Mall: Pretty good. So much aesthetically better than other malls. Also when you go to the loo do you notice how people always stare at you? Why do they want to do that? I’m not doing anything that mankind hasn’t done already!

Suddenly, I’m not lonely anymore. Why? I simply prayed to my Father in Heaven. After all He is faithful and just to forgive my sins as I confess it to Him.

So when lonely, pray.

Your A Spirit with a Body.

Youre either living in the Spirit or the Flesh.

If you are living in the Spirit. You are automatically not living in the flesh. And if you are living in the Flesh you are automatically not living in the Spirit. Whether you like it or not.
Jesus told that we cant serve two masters. Who are you gonna be hooked under? I’ve made my choice. Have you?

My God, When I in awesome wonder…

My list of priorities have been so messed up for one week that I don’t even know where to begin.Hmm, ack! I’ll give it a try.
Im over Zombie Girl (again!)for the 4th time.And I’m really starting to hate reruns of my life.So i’ve decided to wait my crushes or feelings out for a month  in prayer before I publicly announce it. Thats because by the 2nd week I can hear God telling me “this isn’t the Girl”.Honest.
I’ve also realized some pretty startling revelation that the Holy Spirit kept on telling me for the last 2 years and I refused to believe it.
I know that I haven’t been on good terms with the Holy Spirit either. There were days when I prayed, days when I didn’t read the Bible. Days when I just went without both. And I’ve come to a place where I CANNOT survive without Praying. And I don’t mean a 15 minute prayer. I mean a full fledged time where its just me and the Holy Spirit. I really need to discipline myself.I’ve got to cut my costs. Eben taught me how. I’ll show you. First I have Costs. Now I have Costs. There you go I cut costs!!

Oh! I got a catalogue from Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. I like this Uni. They call themselves ‘AAU- For Artists by Artists.’ I was really shocked to see their catalogue and letter in my mail today(send it by UPS!) and my Mom still thinks some friend mailed it to me. I’m happy I finally found a programme in Advertising that appeals to me.I have to start thinking and decide my course of action after TYBA exams. I don’t want to sit at home doing nothing at all. An idle mind…..
Another option is to work for JAM. Depends. Or I could work for Church. Or I might join and Ad company. I know I’ll have to do something useful in my further career than just work for money. And that is why I really do NOT see myself in a call center either. But lets wait and watch.Observe really, I doubt my stance would change.

I’m also wondering about my calling. I mean I’ve always known in my heart that I have to preach. But is it full time or part time? I don’t know. Like a Man of God told me that I have got to ask myself a very important question- “Do I have a full time ministry calling?” and I’ve done that. Just waiting, for an answer. Vineeta(My English prof) is of the strict belief that I will never work in Advertisements but go into fulltime instead. Anand supports this view by calling me Pastor. And my subconscious even introduced myself as Pastor Oscar to a stranger some months back. But jokes aside this really is a BIG question. The decision I take will affect my wife,mum&dad and oh well my entire family! What to do? What to do?

Oh and I’ve started to sing my own lyrics to God again!!Ashwini has left for Texas to do her Ph.D. I miss her already!!!

Wilson College Chapel Camp 2008

Friday, Aug 1st 2008
Excitement builds up at Wilson College Chapel. Why were they excited? Because the annual Chapel camp was coming close and it was just a day away. By morning tomorrow they would be attending their first of the many Praise and Worship sessions at the Camp. The Chapelites as they are ‘named’ by the peers are a different bunch of people, who believe in very different things. What things may these be? Well for starters they believe that God is personal, God is also three persons, God is Jesus alone and Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day for the sins of mankind and he went back from where he came- Heaven. So the College Chapel organized a camp to Now a month ago, as the registrations opened up, all the seats got booked within three hours. So a lot of Christians couldn’t make it simply because there was no place to put them. I also was a part of these students. So I decided not to register with it but come along with Pastor Vijay (he was called as the first Speaker) and Shannon. And Go we did.

August 2nd 2008: History is made.

We left around 7.30 for Khandala, Rishi was driving. Pastor in front as always. Shannon and Bubbles in the middle and me at the back. I sat at the back because Prabhat was also coming along with us. Prabhat is an ex-drug lord convict who has been declared not-guilty by the law. He says it is solely because of his God none other than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Prabhat met Christ in prison, but I’m not writing his testimony so I won’t go into that story now. So anyway, we picked up Prabhat on the way and off we went. We reached Khandala by 8.45 and stopped at this restaurant called Kamaths. Awesome restaurant I tell you!! We reached Kune Mission around 9.45-10 ish.

(to be continued)

From Dhule and now the story.

When I left for Dhule I had no idea what was waiting for us there. Infact none of us did. Continue reading “From Dhule and now the story.”

A Storm Is Brewing: Jesus helps me walk on water.

The last week has been a hectic one. Exams, struggles and breakthroughs! Today was exciting in the Kingdom of God. Better things lie ahead. I am stepping into MY RIVER!

I have been praying a lot about Zombie Girl, something seems to be happening. Cant pin point what or where. Lets wait and watch. I have managed to strike a fine balance though. Praise God for that.

Songs Of The Heart-1:Feb 25th

I believe in II Corinthians four:thirteen
I believe and that is why I speak
I believe that our God is on the move
I believe in Christ, the reseructed one
I believe in the miracles that heal-
the deaf, hear;
the mute, sing;
the lame, walk and
the dead come back to life

We believe with the Holy Spirit
and that is why we speak.

Speak forth and it shall be
“You are Unstoppable!” says He!
Speak forth and you shall see
what no eye hath seen!

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit”
Speak Speak Speak!
For the Word is true.
And by the Truth
you shall be set FREE!