Change is hard. Harder still if you dont back it with God.

I bet each and every one of us wanted to change things. Most ordinary things, like the time you wake up or the time you spend watching t.v or reading the newspaper. I have. I’ve tried doing all of these. But it really hasn’t worked as of yet. I’ve decided that I would start working out. I didn’t work it out, to start working out. I thought it would just happen. Like the Big Bang Theory, it just happened right? Well I have news for you grandpa , it didn’t just happen. You need to work it out.

So I want to get up at 5.00 every morning regardless of college lecture timings. So what do I do? Go to sleep early right? I did that. Just didnt read the Bible and pray before I slept. Whats the result? I didnt wake up on time as I forgot to put the alarm. I woke up late for 2 lectures. Now that hurts when you’re falling short of the prescribed limit.

So I need to decide to read God’s word for an hour (min) daily. Change is hard. But I gotta work towards it. Guess what? I wont do it tomorrow. I’ll do it today. Now.


Man I just love it the way you begin to grow and God surprises you. It’s been two years since I’ve come back to God and I can honestly say that the bumps have been painful but necessary. I have to be faithfull to God. God is everlasting and always loving. So he cannot stop loving me even when I sin. God never changes his stance towards man. Man is the one who changes his attitude.

I learned…

…that a smile always helps before you hand out a tract.

People dont like the name of Jesus.

People dont like to Read about God.

Try Love.

Also people LOOOOUVE Graphics or anything that is nicely designed.

People observe you a lot.

Never approach a woman if she is sitting with a man. In fact never look at her. Give two tracts to the guy!

Sometimes people don’t care.

Never assume. Always pray.

Know who you are. Pray – Plan. Have Faith and go ahead.

Try again.

Never Give up.

Stand on the middle of the road, look up , give thanks and come back home knowing that the Kingdom of God has progressed!!!

Update: Gods Grace

Hey all. My hits have been going down for the last three weeks. Do something about it will ya?

LOL. My fault really. Am trying to get all my pictures uploaded on another blog that I can link to so as to save time for a lot of viewers. Also am looking out for a job with a photographer. So if any of you guys have any contacts please drop them in here. I’ve got two already. But I’m trying to get a pool so as to fall back once I get rejected. I’ve got a freelance job with JAM Magazine. Check it out here.

Clarification: I’m looking for names, not favors. I’ll try and get the job.

Things aligned with God:

I’m doing good in matter to my faith. Have to climb higher and claim my mountain. Requires more prayer, my life. Working towards walking with God’s will and not man’s.
Exams start on 1st March. Have to work harder this time. Will write later. Ciao.

My battle of addiction.

I have been fighting my addiction with Pornography for a year and half now. I was clean for some months but Its back. And I’m writing this because I want the devil to know that I am not guilty of anything. I’ve sinned and I know God forgives me. Also everyone else knows. There its out in the open. You can’t put me down anymore lucy baby.

I ask everyone who reads my blog and understands my situation to pray about this issue and don’t be afraid to comment either.

I overcame my guilt today. I took my guitar and worshiped God. Now Im gonna do this everytime I am tempted. It is a great weapon. Please pray that I will soak myself in prayer everyday for we are more than overcomer’s.

Welcome to Everything New

You are right you know
I should grow up and sleep
this isn’t going to end soon
People don’t have it easy, here
Earth isn’t where you can live on your own.

Seasons come and go- warm, wet and cold.
Love is Patient
I should grow up soon and go to sleep
Love does not Envy.

Its a new night.
Love does not Boast.

The haunting memory comes back to me
will this really happen?
Love is not Rude.
It is not self-seeking.

Remember on what was said and
much shared?
Love keeps NO Record of Wrongs.

Tomorrow will be a new day.
Love always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.

Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.

And the truth sets you free.

My Update: Nov 1st

Lately I’ve realised how incomplete I am without praying and meditating on his word.
I became vulnerable, sick, tired, indecisive and even went back to my old ways all because I didn’t pray.

It has been weeks since I’ve maintained a relationship with God. I’ve just been doing it as a ritual . Not as something that I loved doing.I love spending time with him and when I started to not do that I realised that I’ve lost something. My future seemed dry and dark. I would fall into bouts of depression and cry to no end.

All because I didn’t pray. No-all because, I  decided not to pray. You are who you are because of the choices you make in your days. You choose to be a particular and consequentials follow. As you sow, you shall reap.

Our experiences shape the way we are. Past experiences are recorded as learning steps. And no matter how many times you say that what you feel now is real and valid. Tomorow holds another feeling and another truth.
Some things you can change and others just don’t change. Like trusting your mom or loving your sibling.
Time can change that , so can experiences. You may dislike either of them for a limited period of time. But depending on who you are now and what you have experienced it will all change.

Even GOD changes for some people. Today he is an everlasting Father. Tomorrow He is one who just tests me.But I’ve realised that he never changes for himself. He is the same today,yesterday and forever.