So maybe…

So maybe I was a bit too anxious about everything. I completely freaked out when I realized that I wasn’t seeing results in almost all the areas of my life. But I’ve come to realize what Phil 4:6-9 really means. 6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let […]

God, who makes things grow.

I was initially going to blog about my dinner with my classfriends that happened on Mondayevening. But something more in terms of importance has come up.After three years of being placed in Dahisar/Borivili , things are about to change.I believethe Lord has used Shannon as a medium to teach/love/correct and encourage us in his Kingdom. […]

Fools Heart of Gold

The Lord has endless ways of cheering you up and encouraging you. God speaks to me. He really does. I can hear His voice. Its like nothing you have ever heard before. When He starts nothing else matter. So this is a little for my Saviour. I see the stars in the dim lit sky […]

My Expressionist poem

Is it really oursto dictate the terms and conditions along the rolling credits straining to see the imprint on our lives?   Is not a big circle never ending in its length its diameter? so wide and long  that it can fit it all the things that seem so endless and it could fit a […]