Fools Heart of Gold

The Lord has endless ways of cheering you up and encouraging you. God speaks to me. He really does. I can hear His voice. Its like nothing you have ever heard before. When He starts nothing else matter. So this is a little for my Saviour.

I see the stars in the dim lit sky

Why am I alone?

You can see the stars a lot better

lying on the ground.

Soon the guilt catches me

the darkness surrounds

and engulfs my soul

I cry out to the one who

brought me with the price of His Own/.


It’s hard to see in the night,

especially if I am not standing upright.

Then I hear the most beautiful voice

My Lion, King of Judah roars.

He walks to my wearied soul

Kisses me and raises my head

as I fall in the fullness of His Love

in as much not left alone

he spoke in the voice you will ever know,

“Your Majesty

is called for a much far greater place than the floor.

Arise, take the mountain

for destiny holds is more

for a fools mind knows.

You are Wise in me,

and a fool in the world.

Abide in Me

and I will Abide in you,

and that is all you will ever need to know.”


My Update: Nov 1st

Lately I’ve realised how incomplete I am without praying and meditating on his word.
I became vulnerable, sick, tired, indecisive and even went back to my old ways all because I didn’t pray.

It has been weeks since I’ve maintained a relationship with God. I’ve just been doing it as a ritual . Not as something that I loved doing.I love spending time with him and when I started to not do that I realised that I’ve lost something. My future seemed dry and dark. I would fall into bouts of depression and cry to no end.

All because I didn’t pray. No-all because, I  decided not to pray. You are who you are because of the choices you make in your days. You choose to be a particular and consequentials follow. As you sow, you shall reap.

Our experiences shape the way we are. Past experiences are recorded as learning steps. And no matter how many times you say that what you feel now is real and valid. Tomorow holds another feeling and another truth.
Some things you can change and others just don’t change. Like trusting your mom or loving your sibling.
Time can change that , so can experiences. You may dislike either of them for a limited period of time. But depending on who you are now and what you have experienced it will all change.

Even GOD changes for some people. Today he is an everlasting Father. Tomorrow He is one who just tests me.But I’ve realised that he never changes for himself. He is the same today,yesterday and forever.