There are things I wish for

I wish i could have changed. ways I could have implemented. places I’d never had to go. people I wanted to meet. Call’s to be made scenes of life i wanted to hear Words i could have read acts of faithful deeds Days I could have seen early if I had spent my Nights early […]

Now, its too late to try

i pictured a man writing this just before he is thrown into eternal damnation. Now i can see it in His eyes wish i didn’t believe in those lies i knew what it meant to take that road down trust me now. Its filled with resentment. I’ve seen the end of it all the rich, […]

Rom 1:16-17

Hey everyone. Just another update. Work is going on good.I finished editing video for 31st May. The VCD’s should be out on this coming sunday. My walk with God is getting strengthened. If not anything else, I’m getting bolder day by day. Sometimes I fall and guilt takes over, but according to the Word, Guilt […]

God, who makes things grow.

I was initially going to blog about my dinner with my classfriends that happened on Mondayevening. But something more in terms of importance has come up.After three years of being placed in Dahisar/Borivili , things are about to change.I believethe Lord has used Shannon as a medium to teach/love/correct and encourage us in his Kingdom. […]

just a dot

the sun climbed the day toward the west as the world took rest  a lady lay on the cold bed of pain and sweat. Bloodied hands took that was naught to destroy that was to be brought. As she fell asleep in one corner, the unbehest Figure starts to weep over the murder of HIS own […]

I’m ready now.

Today the Third years had our farewell in college. We took the 7.15 train and a lot of the old train gang was there. It reminded me of how I started my Degree College. Travelling in the train with a group of friends. LIfe did come full circle as Paras pointed out. We were ushered […]

-06 Days to go

      With 7 days to go before College ends, I almost cried on the way back Home. Today as soon as I got some time alone, I wrote down all the names from my class and prayed for them. I might not see all of them ever again. However with God all things […]

My College years

      I warned all my friends online in December that I was gonna turn nostalgic and emotional as College ended. Some people absolutely hate it. I on the other hand am fine with them thinking so. This is the way I deal with things. I cry when I need to. There is nothing […]