How do you love me?

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the Love of God for a couple of weeks now. It seems as it never gets over. Like it never stops, never tired and never runs dry. I rememberd this poem by Elizabeth Browning- How do I love thee, and it reminded me of God’s love.

Browning wrote……

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and Ideal Grace.

This is mine…..

How did you love me? Can we ever count your ways?
You love me with an everlasting Love,
A love that can neither count nor stay
My soul cried Above
And God sent his only Begotten Son,
So that whosoever shall believe in him shall not Die
But have eternal life.

It’s not much, but it came to me so…

I didnt want it to seem as if I copied it so thats why I credited Browning in here.

I Love you Dada….

Is it? No! Well? Is it?

So its one of those times 
when i reminisence of certain things
that make you want to roll your eyes
Yes, it is back to  Zombie Girl, Miss.

why do i keep looking at you?
when clearly there isnt anything to see.
why should i even entertain the thought of you
when probably it will never be.

Why do i appear to be struck?
are you my stuck up
I should really stop this fret.

Dont get all beat up about it,
I’m not back to her one bit.
I just rhymed because I saw it fit. 

I’ll tell you miss,
truly,one cant make good poetry out of this.

just a dot

the sun climbed the day
toward the west
as the world took rest
 a lady lay
on the cold bed of pain and sweat.
Bloodied hands took that was naught
to destroy that was to be brought.

As she fell asleep
in one corner,
the unbehest Figure starts to weep
over the murder
of HIS own dear.

A decade and 7 years on,
i hear the wrong
her sorrow, ringing with mine.

How i wish, i’d know you unborn
today i mourned,
the death of my forlorn sis.

Old Stuff

Saw this entry in my diary. I started to maintain a Diary a couple of years ago, jotting down what I thought of our God. Thoughts translated into words, words flowed into verse. I now have three of them. Not all of them are filled with the above. Some have notes from lectures.:)

 15th June, Friday 2007.

“It’s beenTwo years since I’ve known Queenie. One full year after the break up…….”

I go on to ask God why it had to be so. I had loads of questions but very few answers.  One place it says ” If you please, one day let me smile down on what I’ve written with her” I don’t think that is ever possible. But, Hey! I’m smiling right? 

So “MY GOD” is one of the first songs I wrote for God.

Check these two out. Will post more when I get the time.


My Axiom

“Something like this only”

I looked at your face today
I realized When you smile
I feel like cuddling you, inside.

I stared at you yesterday
and when you didnt seem to notice
I rejoiced.
Or else you would think I was staring at your face.
I started to wonder why

I feel this
sometimes, I think I do.
I’ve toyed with the idea of telling you
but common sense forbids me so.Hence…

You dont complain a lot.
However, I’ll have you know
they are all for silly reasons
and I know this because I keep listening to you all the time.

We’re good friends
you and I
this something of a feeling
will just pass away and
these words will be just another draft
in my published folder.

If not for anything,
I think. And I just think,
I might have a little thing,
For You.

(I’ve been wanting to write “something like this only” ever since I’ve read Ezekiels poems on Love.Please do not ask who the poem is adressed to. I wont answer that.)

Things to do before the 22nd of my 21st.: UpDated.

Things to do before the 22nd of my 21st.

1. Find out how many people find “hugs for no reason” as inappropriate. Not many.

2. Learn to ride a scooty. This one is invalid.

3. Grow a full beard.

4. Wear a pink shirt, to show the people that I can change. Done. Dec 31st.

5. Get Christine to hold a cockroach. 

6. Get eben to stand in front of Christine Holding a


7. To learn the Bass Guitar and start playing 

in Church for the LORD. Jan 4th

8. To master the Acoustic and to sing along in the right

pitch. And start playing For the LORD.

9. To get my breakthrough.  Done

10. To get my own laptop/ SLR Camera.

11. To write a script for an ad. Wrote two.

12. To come up with our Church’s Logo.

13. To get two laptop teams for Church

14. To get Bavan married.

15. To get Chris(my brother) to grow his hair.

16. To work my way up in the Kingdom.

17. To improve on my literary skills.

18. See if I still like Zombie Girl and whether God has

answered me. Conclusion:I dont like her anymore.

19. Start my own House Church.

20. Get min100 crowns from the Lord.

21. Buy a gift for Mom and Dad on their Anniversary.

22. Try and Drift in my Car. Done.

23. Give a huge offering to the Lord.

24. Buy something for all my friends.

25. Visit Assam and Delhi and also Sikkim.

26.Make another list for the 22nd of my 22nd.

(will add some later)

My Expressionist poem

Is it really oursto dictate

the terms and conditions

along the rolling credits

straining to see the imprint

on our lives?


Is not a big circle

never ending in its length

its diameter?

so wide and long 

that it can fit it all

the things that seem so endless

and it could fit a thousand letters.


It would seem that our lives

are govern’d by the scythe 

waiting to cut the thread

on which rests our life,

and fate decides

where we tread.

But of course there exists

no great folly as fate.


Nay we are govern’d

by Destinty

for it doesnt dictate

unlike Fate

as once again

there exists no such a thing.


All’s the world a stage

they say,(but)

I say its Improv Everwhere

its every decision you take

at every crossroad you make,

draws you one step close to the edge.


Will you embrace the fall

or hold you peace now and forever all?

A plea, written by me


I think I can

I think I will

Eby Eby

Please be forgiving me


I was such a Phool.

To take you so Cool

on a matter of the Dil

please understand still


How can thou be so mean 

in the season of

wee and glee

you see, I even changed my display

to a picture of you and me

For the previous drew was just a farce

so now come on fast fast.


Why can you and I

in this beautiful journie

go back to the days of Phraandship

Surely you have heard that it is indeed the BAST SHIP.


So once again I ask you

(for you) even go down on mera knee

Phorgive ME!

The Sun, Moon and about the stars that we cant see at Night cuz we live in a big polluted city.

You know sometimes
I get bored of the sun.
I’m glad the Earth revolves
and rotates and does all that it is supposed to do
day and night.
Then at times,
im a bit bored of the dark
and want the warmth
on my face again.
I’m tired and would like a bit of shade under that tree
and as darkness began
I quote “….miles to go before  I Sleep”

TYBA here I come!

Now playing: David Crowder Band – Foreverandever Etc…
via FoxyTunes    Exams are over…well atleast for S.Y. I cant believe I am going to third and final year of college. There have been so much attached to this place that I cant imagine what I am going to do without it. thats what you would expect me to say right?

Well you ARE right, I am saying that. Call me a fool or a hopeless romantic, i dun care. I am blogging from college btw. Stealing into WiFi from the tower behind college. As my friend Steve Sam puts it, ” They are too rich to care”

I found an awesome poem, nay two awesome poems. Blogging it right now.

Abort The Problem

Babies are murdered far and near,
And no one sheds a tear.
No one seems to fear;
Yet God’s judgment is near.

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