I’m ready now.

Today the Third years had our farewell in college. We took the 7.15 train and a lot of the old train gang was there. It reminded me of how I started my Degree College. Travelling in the train with a group of friends. LIfe did come full circle as Paras pointed out. We were ushered into college in the College Hall. Today a lot of us remembered it so. In the very same hall I was welcomed, I now say a thank you, not yet a good bye. I’m not dead yet..

The farewell was scheduled to start with a customary Chapel service at 10.00. I thought it was 10.30 and was sitting with God outside the Boys Common Room. I asked Eben to join me later. I love Eben, I dont think I could have gone past today without him.I’ll admit this- I cried a lot during the first prayer and couldnt sing the hymn ” count your blessings”. I really couldnt count them. I started to think of each and every one of them. By the time I hit 3 I couldnt sing anymore. our God is faithful, whether you like it or not he DOESNT CHANGE.
We then followed a routine of reading prayers and Sam Sir gave some quick but a powerful short message. Our Chaplain who is incidentally a woman, Aprana Rangaya gave one of the most delicate but well put talk on Psalm 23. She made it simple for everyone who sat there in the chapel. Afterwards we proceeded to the College Hall where our teachers served us food. I liked this part, not because I want to boast saying that “THEY had to serve US!” But simply because it reminded me of what Jesus did for his disciples – “Wash their feet and tell them to do the same.” My College is an excellent example of ‘servant hood”. Our Founder John Wilson gave up his dreams to fulfill a million other dreams . I dont know if they realize it. I sure do. They’ll be rewarded in heaven. A professor who did this without any mask was Prof.Sudhakar.

We have an amicable way of sitting facing each other and listening to any student who wants to talk about his life in college. Some were here for a couple of months,a lot who were just for 3 years, select few for 5 and One person who was there for 7. They were different people with different experiences. Some wrote it down others were bold enough to speak from their heart. it was largely in English although the students who wanted to speak in marathi and Hindi were welcome to do so and so they did.
The hall was packed with Graduating students.Very few sat till the last person said their little something. I’m glad God chose me to be a part of History of Wilson College.

I stepped into a pond a long time ago.As I did so,the water got all muddy, the dirt settled at the bottom had come loose and I could only see a very dirty place I was standing in. I prayed and Jesus came and took the muck away, it was painful. Today I stood in the pond and I can clearly see my feet. I can see what I stand on.Christ the bedrock.

I entered college alone
5 years on,
I leave with Christ
to fulfill His plan for my life. 

I realized who my real friends are today. It’s simple really. The ones who stick with you till the end.
Some of my friends
Some of my friends













My Closest Friends
My Closest Friends
Supriya and M. A very special friend.
Supriya and Me. A very special friend.

-9 Days


Me, Misha,Elvis(firang),Sid(dharth) and Supriya at St. Andrews for Firang and Sid ka Farewell.
Me, Misha,Elvis(firang),Sid and Supriya at St. Andrews for Firang and Sid's Farewell.

 St. Andrews house had their Farewell  Dinner ( read free food for invitees) today in college. I have not seen any activity undertaken by a student body come out nearly perfect. Hats off to all you Sandy’s.  I had a mock date with Misha. I’ve never gone out for a date. So my friend and I decided to be ‘with each other’ for the heck of it.

I think of all the people I could choose to think of to talk about this, Sid would be the friend I will miss the most. Sid invited me for the Hoste’s Annual function which was followed by dinner.


Me kicking Ebens butt at St.Andrews Dinner
Me kicking Ebens butt at St.Andrews Dinner


Graduating Students at St. Andrews
Graduating Students at St. Andrews

My God


My God is a Great Big and Loving God

            Who would never ever hurt me.


When the world comes crashing down

            All hope seems gone away,


When you’re loved ones gone astray

            Hope seems like one in a light years away.


I will still cry out, Sing Praises to my King!

            Lord of Lords

                                    Jesus to you I sing!


Every tear is an offering

            Every hurt I take it in

To you I will still be faithful

For, God almighty, you are to me.


And when man fails, trust in you

            And I cry out in pain

Will I sing, like the barren woman


Everyday its you I live for

Everyday its you I long for

Jesus. Jesus.


Hope trickles down a tear

            down to a chin.

Fear, in my heart no more

            Love in you I will keep.


Once I tried an failed.

            God to you I come in tears.


Hope. What a fool I am

            Only fools believe,

                        Yet here I stand.


Love. What a fool I was

            Only fools believe

                        Yet Here I am.


I am writing for the truth of life

            To come and rest this uncertain times

In my heart.

I tell myself she’s not the one.

Yet a part of me refuses to again


Hope trickles down a tear

            Into an endless drain.


Thank God I’ve improved since then!! 😛

Why do people cry?

The past two weeks has turned me into an insomniac. I couldn’t do with just 4 hours of sleep anymore and my subconscious decided to teach me lesson. You see, Mommy dearest tried waking me up as usual(which means pour lots of water on my face if I didnt wake up to my alarm) on Wednesday and allegedly( yes I’m using that word) I told her that I didn’t have a first lecture. Possible? I think so. As far as I know I remember a voice telling me, ” No. Sleep. You don’t have to go. You can sleep as much as you want today.” Mom refuses to believe me. My body clock got back to normalcy after Wednesday. I woke up today morning(Thursday), rode to Andheri Station. Took an empty train, watched the sun rise on my way to college and walked on the beach followed by a good breakfast. Today was aweful.

If I could, I would strangle that voice. I don’t have good attendance. Well I do. Just dont want to get in trouble thats all. Stupid subconsciousness.

However on Wednesday, MuMu’s Grandma passed away. Went for the funeral. Was not surprised to see the family (only Mumu’s viz ‘The Trinidade family’) not cry and do the normal things one would expect. They were calm, composed and infact happy . All of which would not have been possible had Aunty Trinidade not lived a life committed to Christ. Uncle Savio Trinidade preached the Gospel, twice…er or four times. Can’t remember. He’s on a war path.

Exams start in less than a month. Hmmm. please keep me in prayers.

Happy Merry Christmas!!!

I know this is a bit cliched, but 2008 went by really fast. I’ve never felt like this before. I cant believe the year is coming to an end. So anyway, im probably going to write down all the things God has done for me this year.Should be up before the 31st. And unlike all other New Years , I would be spending this one with someone special. Which means , my friends would not be seeing me at midnight after church. 

It’s hard to break routine. I want this. Im sure. 2009 is going to be spectacular-fantastic-filled with Joy! 

Wow Let me at 2009! 

Thank you God.

God is Great: Greater still.

Fools Heart of Gold

The Lord has endless ways of cheering you up and encouraging you. God speaks to me. He really does. I can hear His voice. Its like nothing you have ever heard before. When He starts nothing else matter. So this is a little for my Saviour.

I see the stars in the dim lit sky

Why am I alone?

You can see the stars a lot better

lying on the ground.

Soon the guilt catches me

the darkness surrounds

and engulfs my soul

I cry out to the one who

brought me with the price of His Own/.


It’s hard to see in the night,

especially if I am not standing upright.

Then I hear the most beautiful voice

My Lion, King of Judah roars.

He walks to my wearied soul

Kisses me and raises my head

as I fall in the fullness of His Love

in as much not left alone

he spoke in the voice you will ever know,

“Your Majesty

is called for a much far greater place than the floor.

Arise, take the mountain

for destiny holds is more

for a fools mind knows.

You are Wise in me,

and a fool in the world.

Abide in Me

and I will Abide in you,

and that is all you will ever need to know.”


Justin’s Birthday

Today was Justin’s Bday . I showed up at Christine’s place and Bitu welcomed me calling me “bhaskaran”. We sang for him as he cut the Merwans cake! Maavi made Biriyani, cake and for dessert we had ice cream ! 

The video is hilarious! Check it out! We missed Christine, and aunty  kept saying, ” If Christine wuz here she would have done something”. She asked where everyone else is.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

Justin had a good time. I went with him to Church office and we condemned Lenoxx as a liar because Lennox forgot to give the housechurch offerings to Justin on Sunday.  Justin called and said,

” Now, look what you have done. You know that Pastor will scream at your leader? Sam will be very sad and disappointed. 
In fact he is very disappointed to find that you have done such a thing!”

Lennox is quiet.

” We love you Lennox but you should not steal.”

” But i didnt steal.”

“Where is the offering? Did you give it?”
” No.It’s with me. I…”
“That makes you a theif. Dont do this thieveing buisness”
” I really forgot…I didnt mean to steal, Justin”

Call ends. Network problem I think.
We call him back.

” It got cut”
” no, your making that up. Its guilty conscience! I can tell”
” no Justin, I couldnt come to Church as I wasnt feeling well” 

” great, first you dont give the housechurch offerings , stealing that is. Secondly you miss church because your conscience wont allow you! Am I not right? Tell me!”

Lennox is really scared now. He doesnt say anything for a while.

” Look Lennox, dont do this. There is no condemnation in Christ, but I condemn you !!”

We couldnt take it anymore. by we I mean ” Rosy baby(Justin R),Jabakumar, Justin and myself.

We were on the floor laughing hard and I told Lennox its a joke. He sighed and he said he was really really scared. Anyway, it was fun! Lennox understood in the end. He found it funny too.

A plea, written by me


I think I can

I think I will

Eby Eby

Please be forgiving me


I was such a Phool.

To take you so Cool

on a matter of the Dil

please understand still


How can thou be so mean 

in the season of

wee and glee

you see, I even changed my display

to a picture of you and me

For the previous drew was just a farce

so now come on fast fast.


Why can you and I

in this beautiful journie

go back to the days of Phraandship

Surely you have heard that it is indeed the BAST SHIP.


So once again I ask you

(for you) even go down on mera knee

Phorgive ME!

Mumbai under attack! A night of terror, ATS CHIEF KILLED!

As the year 2008 almost draws to a close, we see the ugly hand of terror work in India again. And this time its my city Mumbai. What was earlier started off just as indiscriminate firing to be a terrorist attack is now to be thought to be escalated to an international hostage situation at Oberoi and Taj. The army and National Security Commandos ( India’s SWAT team) are invovled in operations. Six Army columns are deployed in South Mumbai.

Earlier on Nov 26th,

(pic courtesy: AP)

The first incident started at the Taj Hotel(5 STAR), where unidentified persons started to fire at police forces. Subsequently shots were heard at CST and the terrorists/gunmen are supposed to be inside the premises. The hotel has asked all their guests not to come back to the hotel. The police have cordoned off the area and roads seem to be empty. Congress MP, Milind Deora and the CM spoke to a news channel pleading the people of Mumbai to remain calm, composed and not to indulge nor believe any rumors and to wait upon the Govt to issue official news. Later on we see they have taken lives of 60 civilians with different strategies. They hijacked a Police Van , stole cars and used them to fire randomly at crowds and unsuspecting people with grenades and automatic weapons.

As of now. There have been attacks of gunfire at

  • Taj Hotel , near gateway of India.
  • Oberoi Hotel.
  • CST Station ( earlier and still popularly known as VT)
  • Cafe Leopold at Colaba causeway.
  • Metro . A van came up and started fire. People injured.
  • Cama Hospital.
  • Ramada Hotel.

There have been gunfire and blasts at.

  • Trident Hotel (earlier known as Hilton)
  • Oberoi. Now under seige.
  • Petrol Pump at Colaba blown up by grenade/ low intensity.

 Be it today, tomorrow or later on. I urge you to do this with all you heart. Pray. Pray for this city.

  • ATS Chief injured.
  • Police suffering casualties.
  • American national and western citizens were rounded up together at the Taj and Oberoi after enquiring of nationals at the reception.

Updates: Nov 27th. 9.35 a.m onwards.

  • Terrorists were holed up in Cama hospital, Churchgate have been flushed out by the police but are absconding. Cama hospital is a womens and childrens hospital. No casualties reported.
  • Terroists have fled with 2 Govt cars. Some mumbaikars have recieved sms informing them of the vehicles and their registeration numbers with a call to keep their eyes open and co-operate with the Police.
  • Situation at TAJ/Oberoi: We see NSG commandos strategically entering the Hotel and sound of gunshots follow in response. A lot of Tourists have been evacuated from the Hotels. The command of operations have been smart and quick to provide FireEngines, Buses and Hospital Vans as cover to fleeing tourists and as these vehicles provide cover against bullets we also see Army/National Security Commandos rushing into the Hotel.
  • Terroists are still in the building called Nariman House. Locals say that, they have been living right next to terroists. people who were lying low, keeping minimal contact with the public. However, what seems to be of chief concern is the people they are targetting in the building. The housing is full of Jewish homes and families. They already have shot dead a couple in the building. No confirmations of further casualties from the housing society.Police and armymen have been patrolling at a safe distance awaiting orders.
  • The Prime Minister has called for an emergency cabinet session with National Secrity Advisors and the State Govt is already behind closed doors discussing strategy and further action as there have been no attempts to contact any Govt/police officials by the Terrorists.
  • Schools,Colleges,The Stock market are shut. Trains and Buses are running but reportedly empty.Office goers have not ventured outside. The police are not ruling out the possibility of another attack in the city during the day.So far, we have seen Mumbaikars co-operating with the Cops and staying indoors.Lets pray that this doesnt escalate any further.
  • The National Security Guards have stormed TAJ and are still in the process of following their plans to go room to room and secure the premises. However currently the hostage situation in the Taj has ended. They have evacuated over 400 people fromt he Taj. Amidst this victory we hear another devastating news. The Taj GM and his wife along with 3 children have been killed.
  • 7 Foreign Nationals have been killed.
  • Operations are underway in Oberoi and Nariman House. It is 7.37p.m and as darkness falls, the situation has improved. But there is no surety on bringing life back to normal in the City.
  • Photojournalists have been at the sites of destruction and firings at the cost of their own lives for one whole day now. ( I wonder if my family will understand when I am doing the same)

Updates for 28th of Nov.


  • One terrorist caught. LeT link established.
  • Seige on the Taj was called off saying that the situation is under control. However as of today morning confirmed news state that there are still 10-15 hostages with 2-3 Militants in the TAJ bldng.
  • TAJ GM is alive. However his wife and 2 children were burnt to death in the suite that was allotted to them. The room that is under fire(see pic below).
  • CST: Killed – 47. Rescued -56
  • Cama hospital . Killed -4.
  • Oberoi operation is still on.
  • Right now all focus and force is on Nariman House where Jewish RabbiGavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivika have been held hostage . The terrorists have released their 2 year old son. The Rabbi belongs to the ultra orthodox ChapadLubavithc movement of the Hasidic Jews. Obvoisly this is another prized bonus for the ultras.
  • Gujurat CM said in a speech that this attack violates a treaty between Pakistan and India, wherein the former stated that no sea attacks would be undertaken. The PMO has not responded to this comment and if it does, I in all ingnorance am forced to think of the dire consequences. We dont need any more lives taken than the current count.


Pictures by CNN IBN.

Click here for Nov 27th Updates!

The Chronicles of Naria and C.S Lewis as a Christian.

I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. I can no longer but cannot deny the talent God had put in him. The way he brings the story and the absolute truths is so wonderful that I must confess. This is the only other book that I have EVER cried to.

Some excerpts to help you understand from the Third Book- THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER. Continue reading “The Chronicles of Naria and C.S Lewis as a Christian.”