When lonely…

Feeling Lonely is a terrible feeling that can have varying results.  Being a loner and feeling Lonely are two diverse realities. If you are a loner, you cant be involved in being described as an ‘talker’ or a ‘hug whore’. However you can be feeling lonely, and not be a loner!

I could think of doing tons of things as to ‘kill’ my boredom. Take for instance where I am right now. I’m inside a Mall. But this is definitely not helping. Watching others walk around in pairs or groups avails much. Crossword-the bookstore didn’t help either. They didn’t have a good collection of books or Graphic Novels.

So why am I here? Not the place in my life but on this Lone Wodden Box? What are ‘ Lone Wooden Boxes’? Well they are seats/benches you see in Mall’s where people sit when they are lonely. This Mall has Wooden ones, hence the name.You probably think I got lonely and went to the Mall. NO. I’m here because I had time to kill. The reason of my loneliness is prayerlessness. So how do I get out of this situation? I definitely don’t want to pray since the lack of it got me here in the first place, I really dont want to do that right now.Or I could go ahead and start a conversation with one of these lovely women next to me. I could also flirt. I haven’t flirted in a long time. But the Ring on my finger forbids that irrelevant thought. And Hypocrisy is not my cup of tea. I could also run opposite on the escalators. But I’ll be tireder. So no can do. With less than 50Rs in my wallet I’m running out of ideas.

I checked out the washroom too, if you ever want to know how well a place is run, check the loo. My Observation at Oberoi Mall: Pretty good. So much aesthetically better than other malls. Also when you go to the loo do you notice how people always stare at you? Why do they want to do that? I’m not doing anything that mankind hasn’t done already!

Suddenly, I’m not lonely anymore. Why? I simply prayed to my Father in Heaven. After all He is faithful and just to forgive my sins as I confess it to Him.

So when lonely, pray.


GTC Presents the GTC Awards!

After 2 long years of hiatus GTC is back together with GTC Awards.

Presenting to you GTC Awards- A lifetime achievement for absolutely nothingness except being you! Yesserie! We only nominate 100% original individuals only. What’s that The Oscar? Grammy’s? Ignoble? Pfft! Yeah right! We’re way ahead of these phonies!!!

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-One of the five!

Back from Mallu Land

Im back from mallu land & I ve got great oscar stories!

First up.

  • I drove in Kerala and I got scared at the way mallu’s drive there. Now one can imagine the magnitude of craziness here! I mean imagine! I got scared. So I drove for like an hour after I got down from the train and also a couple of other times while house visiting.
  • Gujju Businessmen have reached Kerala. I kid thee not
  • Kerala is weirder than usual. All the cows have disappeared. Well at least the ones I knew of. Rice and paddy is completely in a mess thanks to the untimely rain and no care from the commies.]
  • My relatives were happy to see me. But  a lot of them almost died of shock when they saw the hair. A few parted it to this side and that, declared that I looked better with combed hair. I refused to listen and went back to good old messy hair. Only my moms sister who is the 2nd youngest liked my hair.Oh and also all my sisters.
  • My relatives were also very shocked to hear that I’m studying B.A in English Literature and plan to work after the third year. One even mustered up the courage to ask “why not engineering” to which said I. ” well I just didn’t want to give the others more competition than there already is”. That kinda shut him up.
  • My Dad’s sister started introducing me as the future Pastor. Really embarrassing situation cuz they kept praising me for a lot of things that I thought was over done.
  • I got persecuted for my faith. e.g One grandma mockingly asked If I’ve healed,prophesied and spoken in Tongues? In faith I declared that yes I have all the nine gifts. She looked scared more than angry after that.
  • People don’t like it if you’ve become a believer, especially your close relatives. In fact they are scared of you! Why? I don’t know.
  • Every where I went I had different opinions about my health some said that I was looking tired, no wait a lot of them said that. Only 2 people agreed that I was overweight and needed to thin down.
  • Its amazing to see how people bargain for their sons and daughters.Very superficial values.( Read= Dowry)according to my dad its cuz I don’t have a sister and hence I don’t know the troubles of getting a girl married.
  • Therefore a mallu marriage for me IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!
  • Since we are on that topic I should mention that for a brief amount of time say 8-10 hours I liked a mallu girl with ankle length hair and braces. Now if you think your horrified at that choice you should wait. She also likes Mahesh Bhatt movies, adores Himmesh Reshamiya,Emraan Hashmi and a couple of other no good actors you can use as fill in. Yes I was shocked too. But for some weird( very very very) reason I found her cute. Snapped out of it soon enough as I thought of the person back home.Shes an ok person though.
  • Religion scores a lot here. People go to end number of tricks to describe their religiosity. Too bad it cant get them into heaven.
  • Also every 3 K Ms was a pentecostal church. Honestly if pentecostal churches are found so densely in Kerala, things and people would have changed. So where is the problem?
  • Politics are crazy here. When I reached Kerala  the following situation bowled out of proportion

Press Release:A girl’s laptop was stolen in a Catholic College. She filed a complaint. The Priest abused her and didn’t help. She committed suicide!Sounds too stupid to be true? Exactly.

So what did the party do? They rioted of course destroyed lakhs in damage and demaned that the priest resign(after thrashing up their car).

The real story: Girls laptop gets stolen, she calls up her dad(in gulf) and says I have to talk about two things.  1. My laptop is stolen. ( dad says its ok we’ll buy another one) 2. Something I cant talk about.
She hangs up and commits suicide in her home the next day to the shock of her parents.

If only these politicians were scriptwriters or copywriters! Also Had rasta roko on my way to the railway station. There is a hartal once a week and no one bothers to do anything with it.

  • Oh and everyone knows about Avial(the band) here. Duh!
  •  One of my sisters has accepted the Lord and wants to get baptized and move out of the Catholic Church.

So thats about it from me about my Trip from Kerala.
God has spoken to me about somethings that I will write about later as I pray and dwell on it a bit more.

– Levite King

My Trip & One Long Post.

No im not tripping on anything.yet. I’m off to Gods Own Country today in the afternoon. I had said yes to the trip thinking that Im going to have an awesome time clicking pictures of everything. But now I doubt I’m getting the camera. Well, i’ll keep trying though. With something or the other.

Not exactly looking forward to meeting all my relatives. Im just happy Im going to see my grandmum and a couple of families. Others are just out of my concern really. I dont see the point of going there year after year. Well we havent visited them for quite some now, so I don’t see the harm in visiting the one last time since after this i’ll probably never get to go there with my family or any of them.  And none of them are going to show up for my wedding day either as i’m most probably not marrying a mallu.

Its amazing how God puts things in your heart giving you hints towards the future. What am I talking about? Lemme explain.

I was in my old church office, just waiting around for something or somebody. I dont quite remember who, and I saw a Tract about Jesus and Salvation. It was titled New Life. So I asked who wrote that and where it came from. What proceeded could only be termed as ‘Church Bashing’ as the elders in my old church started to say things that were not required to say by an elder about the church that printed it. Thats my point of view. So I asked which church was it? They said this cult church called New Life Fellowship. A Crazy guy started it! (really)( 1 point for Pastor Joseph). They discouraged me to know more about it as it wouldn’t help me spiritually . So they said. I wonder if they remember that conversation today. I surely for some reason always wanted to know more about that Church while no one seemed to be happy about the questions I asked.  So I dropped it. And here I am. In New Life Fellowship Lokhandwala, joining the crusade for the Kingdom hand in hand with the crazy guy who started it. Isn’t God awesome? Now I know most of you who read this will in all probability say, ” But God doesnt displace and replace people from one church to another.” right? Well guess what you are wrong. I dont have the time nor the space on this blog to biblically explain my conclusion, but if you ask me in person or via email. I will explain it. Another reason as to why I will not write those things here is because I left my old church on a good note. I would not want all the people who harbour a dead feeling against me get any chance to crucify me any further.

Another instance. I was in VII std in school and my parents weren’t exactly amused by the fact that I had more Hindu friends than Christian. So I asked them ” why can’t I be friends with Gujuratis and Maharashtrians? They are as human as any christian can get.!”  They replied that I wouldnt understand and i should stay away from them. They are right, I still dont understand!
Its sad really, to see prejudices in a lot of people just because of the actions of a select few against them.
So I vowed that I will make more non christian friends, more non mallu friends. They didnt like that at all. They thought I was crazy to mention more ordinary people coming to the church of God. Somehow the devil had blinded them saying the church is only for the people with Christian names and origins. Thank God they are out of that bondage.

Today I go to a church that caters to almost every type of background an individual comes from. You walk into the church and there is NO possible way that you can say that a particular community is in majority. The Kingdom of God is not inherited by any community, but by all who believe and the doers of the word. God loves each and everyone of them, why shouldn’t I?

And the last very sensitive point that my parents are still not comfortable with. They expect a mallu girl as a daughter in law. Now don’t get me wrong, they are my folks they should have expectations. Its good to have them. But it gets wrong if you start blinding out the options. Honestly I have never been seriously attracted to any mallu girl nor can I think of getting my mom as a wife for the rest of my life. No can do. Sorry.Now since I’m not in my old church I don’t have to fear crucifixion for my actions in the future.

So thats about it. Those are the things that I had strongly felt about as I was a kid and according to me are things that God has put in my heart for a very good reason. I don’t have to hear anyone contradict or stand by what I’ve written and be bothered. These substances cannot be wiped out by man. EDIT : Sunday Nov 23, 2006. I did fall for a mallu girl. Who could have seen this right? So I’m waiting on the Lord for direction.

And I’ll be back on the 2nd of April. Sms me your gifts from Kerala. Your choices* are

  1. Bananas w/wo leaf.
  2. Fried Bananas w/wo leaf.
  3. Picture of fried bananas.
  4. Banana chips.
  5. Coconut tree sapling.
  6. Picture of coconut tree w/wo me.

Inclusive of all taxes!* Hurry offer ends in 4 days from day of publishing! Sms my no NOW!

So Sheila take care of Christine while I’m away. Christine take care of my colony on the moon and be nice to Justin and say hi to everyone in church and mean it! Paras take care of you know who . Ashwini take care of yourself. Hmm yeah thats about it there  I’ve left everyone happy.

TYBA here I come!

Now playing: David Crowder Band – Foreverandever Etc…
via FoxyTunes    Exams are over…well atleast for S.Y. I cant believe I am going to third and final year of college. There have been so much attached to this place that I cant imagine what I am going to do without it. thats what you would expect me to say right?

Well you ARE right, I am saying that. Call me a fool or a hopeless romantic, i dun care. I am blogging from college btw. Stealing into WiFi from the tower behind college. As my friend Steve Sam puts it, ” They are too rich to care”

I found an awesome poem, nay two awesome poems. Blogging it right now.

Abort The Problem

Babies are murdered far and near,
And no one sheds a tear.
No one seems to fear;
Yet God’s judgment is near.

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life:such it is , no?

I know I should be studying and all that.
I keep hearing it from mom’s
there is more than one now
Shannon, Mercy(thats my mom btw), Christine…
I know I know..its for my own Good.
I understand that .(i’m not complaining)
but why? I’m so tired of it all.
I want to take a break.

Watch a movie.
Go jump of a cliff.

Sheesh! and whats more is
I wont get time or the money to do that
even after exams?
Whats the point?
Will get more time to sleep and pray though.
So thats a positive thought.

Here is a pic that I took,

Bible pic(1)

Bible 2-Clicked by me- 24th Feb.

Bible Pic(2)

Bible-Clicked by me- 24th Feb.



Arlette walks
she can’t talk
everyone thinks she is cute
but to tell you the truth
all she does is give birth
indeed thats all she does
and knows to do
Arlette is the mother cat

and here are two
of her dozen litter.

The Kittens

Miss Flora Gonsalves

I went to meet an old lady today
drove down  Sai Baba lane

past the yellow- black gate
entered to see her face
Climbed to 303 and exclaimed
Can this old lady really climb?
I saw the gods of our land
placed by the sides
of steps. Long strides and thoughts
flew “how can this old lady do so much?”

We entered the simplest abode
to see, I swear
four chairs, a sofa-cum bed and a table with
a T.Vset. All in a BHK not even a room.
Reminds me of where I grew.
“ Wow dude, this place looks neat!”
And not just in the sense of flattery
you hear at tea parties or more
at a prayer meet.
But in the true sense of the word- NEAT!

She enquired of us
formally we did the same.
Like all Indians we refused
her offer of drinks
I’ll give you some she insists
and colour it up a bit.
Amongst hushed voices and the return
in the corner I see a tiny black and white man
“that’s my Father (colloquial english I smell)
he worked in East Africa and then…”
she talked a bit of her family
not much, only for a visitor to guess some stuff.

We heard of how she knew Aunty Sheila
and her elder brother who lives in Kolkata.
Wait until he sees a letter from his old Eng Teacher
on what was best described as
his soon to be celebrated –50th Birthday.
We talked about the Cavalcade,
cricket’s bad shot down history

why should they make gods of one (athletes)
and ignore the other to hunger
Look at Anand
tongue in cheek he replies
“ I want to see what India says to another cup”

We talked on Literature
38 years she served her love you know.
I think to myself – really, can she proudly say so?
she offers us something to chew on.
No! thank you for the same
there we go habits out again
He is surprised to hear her talk so much
of cricket , news updates and life
not bored yet, but wanting to live out the rest

We open our hearts to her, only
to understand hers was always one
We sat on the edge and listened
on every word and dream
“What will I say to the visitor”
When I am old and passed the test.
She loves to talk of her ex-students
one our very own English teacher, Aunty Sheila and her brother.
Overjoyed that at this age
her students , not herself,
recognize and respect her.

We talked over two hours
and while she took a break to fill
the water out of her taps
He says, “ Politely excuse ourselves
I need to buy the veggies or mum will yell,
We aren’t bored , I can tell you and I
But look and the time and…”

She offers us dinner now! – quickly
We spring up
“better be on our way ma’am
(yes we do that to every teacher we meet)
he is on errands and already late”
Quickly Quickly! hurry she waves
or mommy will yell.
We exchange goodbyes, wishes
and leave as well.

Walking down 303
I thought we met an old lady today
who lives down sai baba lane
But we met a lady
who proved time and age that tell
as simply Lame.

I met a Lady who is just that- A Lady.
For in a lot of terms she is still – Young.

Last Post on Oscarisms.com

As I write this I don’t have a teary eyed dramatic situation. I promised myself I wont cry.

This blog has helped me in a lot of ways I cant even list here now. Mostly cuz its too personal or way too much to write in a “last-post”.

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This is a continuation of a post by Paz(paras) ..you can read it here

Leader: Lookie here son. Your single and what are you gonna do about it?

Me: Single?… so? What do you have to do about it? I’m (err)doing…nothing.

Leader: Typical. Another TYPICAL case of U-INF#1.

Me: U 1 wha?

Leader : Uninformed case scenario 1. You dont KNOW! Cant you see.. Wait of course you CANT SEE! Let me get you closer to the light my boy.

Me: what? this is hogwash. what light are you talking about? I’m single and I like it this way…. um ..for now.

Leader: Oh wait lemme guess your WAITING for someone aren’t ya?

ME: Yes I am. Waiting for the right one to come by. 😛
Leader: Wow this one is a complete nut case. Waiting it seems.

Me: Dude I don’t care what you say or feel. I think I’m gonna do what I believe in. I don’t make a move until God tells me to do so.

Leader: rolls on the floor with laughter. OMG! God! heeheheheee..Hooo.. God he says.

Me: Sheesh man what the hell is wrong with everyone here eh paz?
Paz? Dude where the hell did you go?

Well I dont need to hear this idiot talk to me like that. I know what I want.

(walks out of the room)