I’m ready now.

Today the Third years had our farewell in college. We took the 7.15 train and a lot of the old train gang was there. It reminded me of how I started my Degree College. Travelling in the train with a group of friends. LIfe did come full circle as Paras pointed out. We were ushered into college in the College Hall. Today a lot of us remembered it so. In the very same hall I was welcomed, I now say a thank you, not yet a good bye. I’m not dead yet..

The farewell was scheduled to start with a customary Chapel service at 10.00. I thought it was 10.30 and was sitting with God outside the Boys Common Room. I asked Eben to join me later. I love Eben, I dont think I could have gone past today without him.I’ll admit this- I cried a lot during the first prayer and couldnt sing the hymn ” count your blessings”. I really couldnt count them. I started to think of each and every one of them. By the time I hit 3 I couldnt sing anymore. our God is faithful, whether you like it or not he DOESNT CHANGE.
We then followed a routine of reading prayers and Sam Sir gave some quick but a powerful short message. Our Chaplain who is incidentally a woman, Aprana Rangaya gave one of the most delicate but well put talk on Psalm 23. She made it simple for everyone who sat there in the chapel. Afterwards we proceeded to the College Hall where our teachers served us food. I liked this part, not because I want to boast saying that “THEY had to serve US!” But simply because it reminded me of what Jesus did for his disciples – “Wash their feet and tell them to do the same.” My College is an excellent example of ‘servant hood”. Our Founder John Wilson gave up his dreams to fulfill a million other dreams . I dont know if they realize it. I sure do. They’ll be rewarded in heaven. A professor who did this without any mask was Prof.Sudhakar.

We have an amicable way of sitting facing each other and listening to any student who wants to talk about his life in college. Some were here for a couple of months,a lot who were just for 3 years, select few for 5 and One person who was there for 7. They were different people with different experiences. Some wrote it down others were bold enough to speak from their heart. it was largely in English although the students who wanted to speak in marathi and Hindi were welcome to do so and so they did.
The hall was packed with Graduating students.Very few sat till the last person said their little something. I’m glad God chose me to be a part of History of Wilson College.

I stepped into a pond a long time ago.As I did so,the water got all muddy, the dirt settled at the bottom had come loose and I could only see a very dirty place I was standing in. I prayed and Jesus came and took the muck away, it was painful. Today I stood in the pond and I can clearly see my feet. I can see what I stand on.Christ the bedrock.

I entered college alone
5 years on,
I leave with Christ
to fulfill His plan for my life. 

I realized who my real friends are today. It’s simple really. The ones who stick with you till the end.
Some of my friends
Some of my friends













My Closest Friends
My Closest Friends
Supriya and M. A very special friend.
Supriya and Me. A very special friend.

-06 Days to go





With 7 days to go before College ends, I almost cried on the way back Home.

Today as soon as I got some time alone, I wrote down all the names from my class and prayed for them. I might not see all of them ever again. However with God all things are possible.

-07 Days to go

I dont want to get out of college so soon.But I dont think there is anything I can do. I wonder if I will come to college when I get bored, like Eben does. But then apart from Sherin there is no one to come back to. Everyone I know has either Graduated or is Graduating with me. I think thats a good thing.

Misha,Supriya,Elvis and I purposely keep lingering around the Department even after lectures are over. The profs get irritated now saying, “they dont want to leave now. Usually Oscar runs as soon as the lectures get over. they’ve begun to realize that they have one week left”.

I dont know if they are identifying with this, or making fun of our situation. if it is, then its a pretty mean thing to do.

Vinitha asked me, ” So tell me Oscar whar do you think about your teachers?”
I told her that I’d tell individually! and poor sould perked up her ears and said ,”Ok. Thats fine.” and waited for me to start.

I had to explain that I would talk to them seperately. She is cool with that.

I like her the best.  

Its a good thing that not many people read my blog. I can write whatever I want without worrying so much.

-08 days


Dinner at Michelles place.
Dinner at Michelle's place.



Got back from Dinner with my class at my Head of Department, Michelle Philip’s house. She lives in Air India Housing Colony. There is a Jet Airways Plane parked ourside her lawn. Her house faces the runway. Yes, Eben would have loved to see the planes take off and taxi off the run way!

We played DumCharades and got into lots of controversies and fun! I think this is the third time(unfortunately) that my class has come together as ONE entity and participate in any event.  

My favorite professor Vinitha Matthews could not join us. She had a ‘do’ ( thats dinner for Vinitha) at the Principal’s. Honestly I dont think why anyone would willingly put oneself into any situation with him conversing over food. We missed her.

-10(minus 10) to 0 Day signifies the last 10 days of college. With 0 onwards signifying another era in my life.

-9 Days


Me, Misha,Elvis(firang),Sid(dharth) and Supriya at St. Andrews for Firang and Sid ka Farewell.
Me, Misha,Elvis(firang),Sid and Supriya at St. Andrews for Firang and Sid's Farewell.

 St. Andrews house had their Farewell  Dinner ( read free food for invitees) today in college. I have not seen any activity undertaken by a student body come out nearly perfect. Hats off to all you Sandy’s.  I had a mock date with Misha. I’ve never gone out for a date. So my friend and I decided to be ‘with each other’ for the heck of it.

I think of all the people I could choose to think of to talk about this, Sid would be the friend I will miss the most. Sid invited me for the Hoste’s Annual function which was followed by dinner.


Me kicking Ebens butt at St.Andrews Dinner
Me kicking Ebens butt at St.Andrews Dinner


Graduating Students at St. Andrews
Graduating Students at St. Andrews

My College years





I warned all my friends online in December that I was gonna turn nostalgic and emotional as College ended. Some people absolutely hate it. I on the other hand am fine with them thinking so. This is the way I deal with things. I cry when I need to. There is nothing ‘less masculine’ about it. Jesus cried when he was full of sorrow.

10th or the 11th of Feb is the offical date for our Graduating students Farewell.

Im going to write a post for everyday till the 10-11th of Feb. Cheerio~

Why do people cry?

The past two weeks has turned me into an insomniac. I couldn’t do with just 4 hours of sleep anymore and my subconscious decided to teach me lesson. You see, Mommy dearest tried waking me up as usual(which means pour lots of water on my face if I didnt wake up to my alarm) on Wednesday and allegedly( yes I’m using that word) I told her that I didn’t have a first lecture. Possible? I think so. As far as I know I remember a voice telling me, ” No. Sleep. You don’t have to go. You can sleep as much as you want today.” Mom refuses to believe me. My body clock got back to normalcy after Wednesday. I woke up today morning(Thursday), rode to Andheri Station. Took an empty train, watched the sun rise on my way to college and walked on the beach followed by a good breakfast. Today was aweful.

If I could, I would strangle that voice. I don’t have good attendance. Well I do. Just dont want to get in trouble thats all. Stupid subconsciousness.

However on Wednesday, MuMu’s Grandma passed away. Went for the funeral. Was not surprised to see the family (only Mumu’s viz ‘The Trinidade family’) not cry and do the normal things one would expect. They were calm, composed and infact happy . All of which would not have been possible had Aunty Trinidade not lived a life committed to Christ. Uncle Savio Trinidade preached the Gospel, twice…er or four times. Can’t remember. He’s on a war path.

Exams start in less than a month. Hmmm. please keep me in prayers.

Things to do before the 22nd of my 21st.: UpDated.

Things to do before the 22nd of my 21st.

1. Find out how many people find “hugs for no reason” as inappropriate. Not many.

2. Learn to ride a scooty. This one is invalid.

3. Grow a full beard.

4. Wear a pink shirt, to show the people that I can change. Done. Dec 31st.

5. Get Christine to hold a cockroach. 

6. Get eben to stand in front of Christine Holding a


7. To learn the Bass Guitar and start playing 

in Church for the LORD. Jan 4th

8. To master the Acoustic and to sing along in the right

pitch. And start playing For the LORD.

9. To get my breakthrough.  Done

10. To get my own laptop/ SLR Camera.

11. To write a script for an ad. Wrote two.

12. To come up with our Church’s Logo.

13. To get two laptop teams for Church

14. To get Bavan married.

15. To get Chris(my brother) to grow his hair.

16. To work my way up in the Kingdom.

17. To improve on my literary skills.

18. See if I still like Zombie Girl and whether God has

answered me. Conclusion:I dont like her anymore.

19. Start my own House Church.

20. Get min100 crowns from the Lord.

21. Buy a gift for Mom and Dad on their Anniversary.

22. Try and Drift in my Car. Done.

23. Give a huge offering to the Lord.

24. Buy something for all my friends.

25. Visit Assam and Delhi and also Sikkim.

26.Make another list for the 22nd of my 22nd.

(will add some later)

Update:Struggles are never far behind for a Christian

Now playing: David Crowder Band – You Are My Joy
via FoxyTunes    I agree that FWD mails are dumb and a waste of time. But sometimes they are all that God uses to cheer you up.If God has got me to it, he will bring me through it. What am I talking about?

My mom refuses to pay for my guitar classes henceforth and also says that she is NOT buying my bass cube. Citation: NO MONEY!

Also money for fuel stops. I need 4,000 Rs just for the cube. And 600 for the months of Jan’s guitar class for which she refuses to pay. This is cuz acc to her I didnt go for class. Which is true, I didnt but he expects a full pay even if I dont go cuz he is taking classes ina discount. I cant bargain on a discount. If he had it his way we would be shelling close to 850 Rs min for guitar classes. Also I cant come for any movies or lunch of dinner or hanging out, sorry Gina&Christine.

Hurrah for money that binds us here.

TYBA here I come!

Now playing: David Crowder Band – Foreverandever Etc…
via FoxyTunes    Exams are over…well atleast for S.Y. I cant believe I am going to third and final year of college. There have been so much attached to this place that I cant imagine what I am going to do without it. thats what you would expect me to say right?

Well you ARE right, I am saying that. Call me a fool or a hopeless romantic, i dun care. I am blogging from college btw. Stealing into WiFi from the tower behind college. As my friend Steve Sam puts it, ” They are too rich to care”

I found an awesome poem, nay two awesome poems. Blogging it right now.

Abort The Problem

Babies are murdered far and near,
And no one sheds a tear.
No one seems to fear;
Yet God’s judgment is near.

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