There are things I wish for

I wish i could have changed.

ways I could have implemented.

places I’d never had to go.

people I wanted to meet.

Call’s to be made

scenes of life i wanted to hear

Words i could have read

acts of faithful deeds

Days I could have seen early

if I had spent my Nights early

Hours invested knowing the true

meaning of life

Speaking to the one who really cares

Answers that I wanted to say,

questions I Could have asked.

People being saved.

Eternal destinies changed

Meat that could have been eaten

instead of milk that is needed

The root word being could.

in the past tense,

And in the present:  I didnt.

right now makes the difference between the present and the next second

I have got to change.

Where to now?

Im stuck. I cant seem to go ahead. I need to give up some things in life. I keep finding ways to bring back things back into my life. Burden my back. I dont need these burdnes. I . God! I need help! And plus I’ve got to pray about alanis morissette. Havent been doing that lately. But its going better than other ones have.

My battle of addiction.

I have been fighting my addiction with Pornography for a year and half now. I was clean for some months but Its back. And I’m writing this because I want the devil to know that I am not guilty of anything. I’ve sinned and I know God forgives me. Also everyone else knows. There its out in the open. You can’t put me down anymore lucy baby.

I ask everyone who reads my blog and understands my situation to pray about this issue and don’t be afraid to comment either.

I overcame my guilt today. I took my guitar and worshiped God. Now Im gonna do this everytime I am tempted. It is a great weapon. Please pray that I will soak myself in prayer everyday for we are more than overcomer’s.