An Old Story I heard in Church

At one exact point outside time, there stood billions and billions of people on the vast plain ever imagined in the courtroom. This courtroom was different from other ones. For starters the floor was laden with this shiny magnificent gem of all colours and its beauty matched none that was found on earth. Surely this is a special place. After all, special things are seen in special places.

So there we have it, all sorts of people who were standing in the courtroom. They form groups now. You can see pockets of millions of people just standing . But a very strange thing took place, the people instead of standing in reverence and being still stood shouting at the Judge. One group started to question in anger- “How can GOD judge us? Who is God that he should be called worthy of asking us questions? How dare he call himself the Good one? Does he know what suffering is? How would he know what we had to go through?”

But instead of being ashamed of their attitude they were encouraged by each others demands and cries of suffering and shouted more and cursed him even more!

A woman comes up, she points to her arm. “Look here, GOD! Do you see this number tattooed on me? Do you remember this? This to me in prison. For being born one of (scornfully) Your chosen people! I was one of the many to die in the chamber after those pigs raped me and my daughters. Where were you when that happened? How would you know what I went through?”
Another man comes in front and opens his neck, “Look at this disfigured skin! The white folks, the purer skin as they called themselves, they bound me and enslaved my people. We were the slaves of many who made us do anything they saw fit. It was done to me GOD! Would you know how it is to live and not die, all because of my skin that the sun burnt? They called me ‘black’ and spat on me. They bound me and drove us to the point of death many times. But the brutes always kept us alive! What profit does a dead slave bring them? Death was our only hope and now this resurrection and judgment? Why should this also be brought upon us?”

All the souls who went through the same more or less, screamed in approval!

An untouchable from India came forward and cried out in anguish for his suffering.
 A Chinese man who was burned alive shouted obscenities. 
A Turk killed in Armenia brought forth his life in front of God. 
A mother who was raped by the crusaders cried and shook her fist in front of the throne and asked why she should NOT have eternal peace.
 An orphan who was enslaved and made a prostitute complained of his life.
A Russian came forward and said that he never heard of God in Siberia. They weren’t allowed to.

Every man had something to say and something to show as they tried to reason out with God. Because of the enormity and the serious nature of their injustices they decided that every group will send forth one person as their leader to represent them. The leader would be the one who had suffered the most and the worst. In almost no time there were a handful of people who came together and discussed among themselves on what they should say to this GOD! They decided that leaders are to speak their demands in front of God.

The leaders had their meeting and one of them came ahead and said “We have decided that the only way God can judge us is if he goes through the same thing that men on earth have endured. What does God know? He lives in heaven and He is eternal. He can’t die. He doesn’t hunger; he doesn’t need shelter or clothes to wear! We demand that he come down as a man and live on Earth.”

So they demanded of Him, each one came forth and laid his demands in front of the throne. They demanded that he should come to live on earth and be in human form. And since he is God he shouldn’t allowed to use his powers as long as he lives.
“Let people talk and ponder about the name of his Father. Let him try to explain who God is and why God is and let no one listen to his voice. Let him have friends who are the ordinary and he should be seen with murders, thieves and prostitutes of the world and let him be betrayed by one of his own. 
Let him come and be humiliated in front of his people. Let him live and try to save others only to be killed himself. Let him be judged by a coward. Have the greatest authority at that time (Religious and Political) call him a traitor and let him be put to death in the most horrible way, that no other man had to endure. Call him cursed. Let him be mocked for being born, let all people taunt him and let him bleed to death for no fault of his own. LET HIM COME AND FIX THINGS ON EARTH!

“Only then can he be worthy to Judge us!” they echoed.

And after this was spoken, there was complete silence is the room. No one spoke, no one moved, not the angels nor the cherubs that guard his throne. Neither did God himself or the Holy one who sat on his right hand, for at that exact point of time in eternity they ALL realized that it had already been done.

So whats your story?

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