Now, its too late to try

i pictured a man writing this just before he is thrown into eternal damnation.
i can see it in His eyes
wish i didn’t believe in those lies
i knew what it meant
to take that road down
trust me now.
Its filled with resentment.
I’ve seen the end of it all
the rich, the poor
even the big and small.
The famous and infamous
all who ever walked in Time
came down to a single stroke in eternity
Solomon was truly wise-
Everything else is Vanity.

Oh how we tried to be nice
and stay away from bad
don’t hear evil
see not evil
and definitely do no evil
oh its deception all rite
that your good deeds would
save you from the Judgment
Why should I be forced to accept
when no one asked for this saviour you sent
“show me proof of his existence.
there isn’t no God.
We can create stem cells.”
If God is Good,
why sent us into hell
when instead
let him sent Osama and his troope
that murdered a million men?
who says I deserve to die
answer me , pie in the sky!
I didn’t commit no big sin
so let me into this Heaven.
I am an informed superior being
and this is my informed choice
my way: the right way.
See how i landed on my highway
i am a good man
who gave to the poor
no adulterer for sure
my momma and her momma’s momma
didn’t know or tell me any of this
so why should I believe when they
clearly didn’t know about this Jesus.
I guess nothing of this will matter
in a hundred years into the future
for we will simply cease
to exist.
It wont make any difference
because after death none can change
their inference
oh if they only knew
it is appointed for man to die once
and then you can’t have any excuse
for after this, the Judgement.
God didn’t sent his Son
to be angry at us
He took His anger at sin
on the Cross where Jesus
proclaimed “Tetelestai”
From wrong to right.

I can see it in HIS Eyes
He cries,
as He pronounced my last Judgement
away, away from His eternal  Love
into eternity.
Everything else is truly vanity.
If you only knew,
what you just missed my friend
Jesus was never your foe
He was your only best hope.

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