Rom 1:16-17

Hey everyone. Just another update.

Work is going on good.I finished editing video for 31st May. The VCD’s should be out on this coming sunday.

My walk with God is getting strengthened. If not anything else, I’m getting bolder day by day. Sometimes I fall and guilt takes over, but according to the Word, Guilt is never from GOD.

God’s been helping me understand what unconditional love really means.I know I can never fully understand it. But I have a tinsy little idea. I cant do anything to to get God to Love me more. And I cant do anything that will make Him to love me less. 

But I need to get better in my walk with God. Need to pray and read so much more. The world is such a hopeless place without Jesus.I see beggars and the poorest of people everyday. Today a lady came by the office and she asked for some food. Usually one does see people begging, but this lady was different. She was an old woman,frail and helpeless. I dont know if you will understand what I’m saying here, but be with me here or atleast try to.

When I saw into her eyes I saw a broken life,fear and hopelessness. I saw pain and anger. But more than anything else she was hopeless for her situation. 

The world tells me that I’m supossed to help the poor in whatever way I can.Compassion for their situation is good. But what about their soul? Who cares about their eternal life? They call us ‘fanatics’ and ‘narrowminded’ when we give them the Gospel. The Bible tells me in Rom that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.


Romans 1:16


For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

So tell me what am I doing wrong when I tell them that they dont have to live a life without hope. That poverty,sickness,fear has been nailed to the Cross. That their life is meaningful because God died for them. That the living God who created the Earth and the Heavens cares for that old woman. That the people living on Earth dont have to enter a Godless eternity. 

I’d rather be a fool to everyone else by preaching the Gospel than be called wise in the World. I’m not Ashamed of the Gospel. I owe it to the people around me. What about you?

9 thoughts on “Rom 1:16-17”

  1. I think i’ll pass, on the contents of your post. Though poverty is something to try and eradicate.
    But tell me Oscar what do you think of the Delhi High court de-criminalizing homosexuality in India?

    1. I agree that poverty must be eradicated.

      I’d rather go along with God’s laws in the Bible. Although let me be very clear, I do NOT hate Homosexuals?Bi-Sexual or Lesbians.

    1. A lot of people give me that argument. Although I do believe that there a scientific discourse that says bisexuality is prevalent in nature, it is not proven. And I’d rather trust the Bible, which is proven Book when it comes to life decisions. And lets face it Zap, if there is a God out there then I’d rather do things by his book(pun intended).

      I know you’re an aetheist and before you go ahead and tell me to prove God exists, let me gently remind you that just because you hold the opinion that God doesnt exist doesnt excuse you to prove to me God doesn’t exist.

      If you live in Mumbai, maybe we can meet up. If not I’d rather that our discussions are kept on email.

  2. It does not matter that you think there is a scientific discourse on homosexuality in nature. It has been documented and proven in around a 1000 species. These are peer reviewed whitepapers that have been verified. It is a scientific fact.
    I will ignore pascal’s wager. (How do you know you are betting on the right ‘book’? Well you don’t actually. Yes yes of course at a personal level you are SURE. But that is not objective enough is it..)
    Yes I am an atheist. In case you haven’t noticed atheists have a lack of belief in God. This does not put the onus of belief on me, it does on you, who is making the extraordinary claim. For example, if someone told me that there were invisible pink unicorns running the world, but i didn’t believe that, then the onus of proof would lie with the chap claiming invisible pink unicorns. Not with me.
    Ergo, proving God is the onus of people who make the claim. I am reminding you gently enough I’m sure.
    I do not stay in Mumbai. I am based in Bangalore. You have my email id in the comment field. Cheers

    1. If you believe that there ARENT ANY invisible pink unicorns running the world then you also have to prove that they dont exist. Just because the guy who thinks that they do exist didnt give you proof enough doesnt give you any right to go ahead and make your own theory.

      I’d say it takes more blind faith to become an Atheist than a Theist.

      I have scientific,historical and supernatural data on why I can trust this ONE BOOK.

  3. I only lack belief of pink unicorns or your gods. That is different from what you imply.
    And I am not countering those theories with mine. I only look at scientific proof. What science does not know I do not claim to know either. Science knows to be humble and say, I don’t know.

    Anyway, this discussion is going no where. Best of luck on whatever you do! Adieu

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