My Update for May


So here is what I have been upto.


1. I studied for all my exams.

2. Wrote all my exams. Some were good. some were ok and probably one was bad.

3. I now have a chastity ring, for all who dont know what one is, It is a ring that you wear that symbolizes your intention of staying singleminded on the one partner that God has prepared for you. No, it is NOT cool to put it on your finger and see if it fits you.

4. Getting better on the Bass. Need to practice more.

5. Was back @ Zombie girl and now I’m out of it too.

6. Trusted God for a financial breakthrough and got it. Twice. Praise JESUS!

7. Trusting Him for the impossible. Someone once said “Aim for the impossible,so that without God you cant do it at all.” Oh this is impossible all right. Well atleast without Him.

8. I got a Job. I work for the Church now, in the Media team.

9. My Dad is coming down next month. Mostly Im getting a new Pc. Or a laptop if I am lucky. Really lucky.

10.I’ve cut down on Pepsi. Trying to stick to ‘once a week only’. God is faithful.

11. I have a dentists appointment tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “My Update for May”

  1. Studying for all your exams as opposed to studying for some?
    Why are you cutting down on Pepsi..
    you n Zombie girl. me n Josh. this on again off again thing sucks..
    Laptop.. Good times.

  2. thumbs up for the chastity ring thing…or like some others put it “thums up” 😛 i recently saw one person who wrote i earned 6000 bugs for my first job..I wanted to shoot myself!! she meant bucks 😛

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