My College years





I warned all my friends online in December that I was gonna turn nostalgic and emotional as College ended. Some people absolutely hate it. I on the other hand am fine with them thinking so. This is the way I deal with things. I cry when I need to. There is nothing ‘less masculine’ about it. Jesus cried when he was full of sorrow.

10th or the 11th of Feb is the offical date for our Graduating students Farewell.

Im going to write a post for everyday till the 10-11th of Feb. Cheerio~

4 thoughts on “My College years”

  1. Poor baby.. I know how tough this can be and terrifying coz’ you dont know what’s on the other side. Dont worry. It will be good..

    I miss you. I wish I could be there with all of you..

  2. of course you’re a poor baby. Not mine but you know…

    Anyway, things will work out fine. Getting out of college does teach you a lot. Suddenly you have to find your own way, make your mark etc etc.

    Al the best. You’ll do fine. =)

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